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Always feel at home with a customer support service assistant always at your disposition for all your needs and to follow your transactions through us ….

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All transactions and shipments saved in our database and whose record can all be seen from your user account. Create an account and keep records…

Private container


Private shipping with a personal container you can pay for. This service is usually taken by our gross product shipper and taken through the sea rout..

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Our shipping zone covers over 20,000 cities with punctual package distribution to all destination without any failure. Subsequently all shipments drop at the same time…

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The Delta-express Airline service is a logistics solutions provider based in the United states of america (U.S.A) . We are a team of individuals ready to assist you with commercial logistics, business transport, and individual moving and relocation assistance. Since 1972, we’ve provided logistics services to customers in various sectors. Our company dedicates itself to upholding international and local standards to serve our customers better. We have an extensive team consisting of administrative experts, drivers and packers, and operations management. We make the most of our flexibility and creativity to provide premium services and solutions adapted to our customers’ evolving needs. Our professionalism is built on decades of experience and skill, and a history as trailblazers in the container shipping business…………

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Most Faq's

Do you ship to CHINA ?

Yes, do not repeat the question. We do ship to China and every zone round the world. With our full coverage area and partnerships, we are linked to every part of the world.

How long maximum for delivery ?

The delivery period is a variable, it depend on the distance and the mode you pay for. We offer ; NORMAL, FAST & SUPER FAST modes. Hence the duration for shipping isn’t a constant, still we gave into overnight shipping to permit transition from an hour to a day or “X” days.

Can i cancel a shipping order ?

This task can be performed only by the sender and most likely our registered customers. This security system prevent stolen tracking information from accessing or controlling unassigned packages.

What can i do in case of missing mail ?

If you are not the sender, ask your sender to get to the agency he sent from. You could also lay a complain to us through our contact us info and if your package has failed notification, we will get back to you.

Delayed mail, I haven't received my package !

Simply use our contact us detail to rapidly get to us or simply fill the contact us information in the contact us page.